I got my results…

Well, today I got my results from last week’s test and today’s test. Reading: 92% at Level 12, so I passed! Math: 100% at level 12 also (Surprised me because I didn’t know how to divide fractions and I just guess the best answer), so passed too. Writing: 72% at level … 5 (Fifth grade), so I’ll start with the classes tomorrow focused on reading & writing because it is related. From this experience, I learned that one thing is to listen and understand, another is to speak but in order to write, you have to suck the culture in order to be able to express on paper. I remember my first trip to L.A. I was working for a production company and according to my understanding all people at LA, speak Spanish, true, except on the facility I visited… Not a single Spanish speaking people, even the janitor was Chinese… so I made my self understandable using signs and gestures, and a little English I learned from Middle School… and because I was a customer, they tried hard to understand me, so I stayed on the comfort zone, most of the people was able to understand me (or at least they open the eyes and gesture like they understood me).

After my exam, I came back home, I expend a little quality time sharing my experience with my daughters, I believe is important to share the vision of any new project with my family and helps me to create a strong relation with my wife and daughters, I also discuss the Flamingo’s Ethos that Troy give us two monts ago:

Thinking – Where am I thinking?
Diversity – Is there someone NOT like me?
Movement – Which direction am I going?
Potential – Is this the best that I can Do?
Enviroment – How does it make me feel?
Collaboration – Who am I doing life with?

I think this is something we can apply in our lives every day, not only at work or ministry. My older daughters decided to go to the Gym and start a routine not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow, but today… so they went to the Gym and I went to the swimming pool with the little ones, to have a little relax time and exercise. I really love my family, I’m blessed with a great wife and four amazing girls.

Tomorrow I’ll start a Beta 2.0 test for the MyNaked Pastor system and I’ll be running the camera with me all the time with just few beta testers…

Do you want to be part of the Beta testers? Leave a comment and I will let you know what to do. Have a nice night!

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