High-End technology

Last night, Troy Gramling, my pastor launched the first on line staff meeting. Here on campus there were only few volunteers helping with cameras, the tech team and the Internet Campus team. Everyone else was at home, or Starbucks or anywhere else watching on their computers. Troy is sharing the vision of being able to do ministry without boundaries, and using technology. There was an attendance of 237 staff people who watched or at least listened the meeting. One of the last minute challenges was to have those with no computer, or computer problems connected, so we decided to use a conference system where people was able to dial a number and merge into the meeting. We got the service, but we needed what is called a “Phone Patch” to connect the audio to the phone line, and it was too late to order one of those pieces, so I made a “Tape-Phone Patch” and it worked fine, as you can see on the picture. Creativity is triggered by need, don’t you think so? Have you ever solved anything complex on a funny way?:)

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  1. Yo, this ghetto configuration saved my butt! I was havin’ ridiculous Internet issues – because of your ingenuity, I was able to HEAR the WHOLE thing! Mooooochas Gracias!

  2. I just want the world to know how much I appreciate you making the staff mtg avail. online tonight. I was not able to attend, but thru you, I virtually was. And I am so grateful.

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