Here we go… this is a Start…

I created my blog two years ago, then I lost it… I created it again on Jan 07, but I’m being so busy (At least is what I tell to myself) but now I’m decided to go for it…

Being a Campus Pastor at Flamingoroad has been a really challenging experience. It was on the middle of the last year when Troy Gramling dreamed about the possibility to reach people outside the walls… It had opened a few off-site campuses but needed another way to reach the community – the question arose, “What if Flamingo Road Church was available to everyone worldwide? What if didn’t matter where people lived? What if God would allow us to be one church where they are on a global scale?”

What started as a question became reality. Work began on a website that would allow people to experience church in every aspect. This wouldn’t just be a website on church; this would be a church IN a website. A real campus where people would hear the worship…take virtual notes…listen and watch Pastor Troy…turn in communication card… all while living in different parts of the country. Hard work continued and by the early part of 2006…the internet campus was ready for testing. Anxiously…the first feed was turned on from the Cooper City campus and a single family in North Carolina turned on their computer. For the first time in its history, FRC had people worshipping live…in a different state. God had just begun… By November of that year…the internet campus had grown to include people from all over North America, Europe, Asia, and Central and South America. Communication cards flooded in thanking Flamingo Road for making the church available for those that had moved or were looking for a fresh way to connect with God.

On 02-17-07, we officially launch the website with several features and since then, it has been growing every week. Last weekend, 1058 people connected to Flamingo Road and make up the global campus. Improvements are made weekly to connection speed and functionality so that all those that call the Flamingo Road Church Internet Campus home experience the best.

With over 3 million people on the internet at any given time, technology constantly improving…the potential for the internet campus is incredible… as across the world, its helping people reach their God potential.

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