My father’s day started early on the morning with my little ones jumping on my bed, exited to give the gifts they selected for me on the father’s day. The great part of it is all of my daughters made their own card. No purchased cards… all hand made and with a great content. They put a lot of time on it. Sol with Dora to get materials to build a special gift, and she did it. This is it…
Later, I had the opportunity to share Father’s day with the Colson family at home. Dora prepared a great Ceviche, Tania made delicious cookies, Sarai and Sol helped Dora to cook… Pani was cleaning and we expend together a great day. . We finished at Muvico with Indiana Jones… the latest one… it was so interesting that my older daughters walked out to another auditorium to watch another movie. It was what we call in Mexico a good “Churro”, with a Story developed (supossedly) at Peru, with a mixture between Mayan pyramids (Nothing related with the Incan Culture) and a floor with the Aztec Calendar, icons from Teotihuacan, Aliens, the Ark of the Covenant and so for… a nice shake of pre-Columbian architecture mixed with legend, and absurd situations… but what can you expect… just entertainment… Next time I’ll go to see Kung Fu Panda… I know for sure, will be a more credible story!

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