Today I start reading a good Book: Groundswell, a book about winning in a world transformed by social technologies. A well explained web 2.0 that allow the reader to understand how to infiltrate onto the social networks on the Internet with the existing tools and the future of the marketing worldwide. At least, the two first chapters, are keeping me on the book… The authors are Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff. My first question is: How do you write a book with the help of someone else? One of the principles at Flamingo Road Church is collaboration and is about being able to do, really do, team work. Pastor Troy Gramling is always challenging us to don’t give up on the first idea we got, even when it sounds awesome or great… and in order to being able to write a “team” book you have to be open minded and able to discard some times what we thing is a great idea, seeking the next level.

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