I watched last night the Movie “The Astronaut Farmer”, and it was a good entertaining movie about a Man who wants to reach his dream: To be on the Outer Space for once. One good thing I got from the movie (Beside it was a sweet moment to share with Dora), it was the leadership of the Dad, he was able to lead all the family to dream together, sharing the same vision, and when he struggles with failure, his strength came back from his own family.

Tuesday, Troy was talking about Perseverance, and about quitting. We all have a great potential. God created us for that. The problem is that some times we are unable to reach our potential because we quit. To quit is a state of mind, is resigning to our dreams, to quit is continue doing life without dreams, just letting the day go on without grabbing the opportunity every day has for us.

Every day is a new opportunity to face a new challenge, observe it, defeat it and grow… or just quite. The choice is yours.

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