Last Sunday, before we get back from Orlando, we went to the City Walk at Universal to have lunch and we took the boat ride to the Hard Rock Hotel. The hotel is beautiful and you can feel a good leadership managing the hotel, since you arrive. Smiling faces welcoming you, consistently all over the place, but what was greater we found a little Ice Cream store and I took all of my girls to get a sweet dessert. You know how difficult is to have six woman making choices about what they want… but the associates working there where patient enough to handle the classic “mmm… no… better this… oh, no instead of that…” several times. Long story short, the service was awesome, even when we finished and the little one asked for water, they brought us water for every one… they treated us just like if we were the owners of the place… for a big check of $16.05 (Tax included’) from 7 people. Sure, my daughters and my beloved one walked out with great smiles and great satisfaction… customer service always makes the difference! For sure on our next Orlando trip, we want to stop there! 🙂

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