From Steve @ Peru:

I was able to chat with Steve and here is an update:

Total chaos south of Lima, 510 dead, 1500 injured, 80,000 homeless.

We’re filling up a minivan with supplies tomorrow, bound for Pisco, the hardest hit area, and we’re also putting together an FRC Lima relief plan for the area hit by the earthquake. We may go to Pisco next week for 1-2 days to deliver relief supplies in person with FRC Lima people.
I’m going to do another blog in the morning with an update. I’m also going to be teaching live this weekend at FRC Lima on “When Disaster Strikes.”

The highway to Pisco is heavily damaged, that is the problem in getting supplies in. They’re using the Plaza de Armas as an open-air morgue right now.

An FRC Lima member has family in Pisco. They are homeless now, so we’re sending them tents, blankets, water, etc

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