From paper to 30,000 acre project

There was a man, a dreamer, like many of us, who got a great idea: To have a animated talking mouse. His name: Walt Disney. He was capable to transform a 2-D sketch into a 30,000 acre property.

What he was? A Leader. John Maxwell gave the best definition of a Leader. Some one capable to influence others and Disney was able to make other to believe that an animated mouse could be a great business.

I really believe that there is many people with great ideas all over the world, in fact, many conversation in starbucks, in the mall, in the park or at any meeting are talking about “Great Ideas”. One of the most precious gifts God Give us is our brain, that besides to controll our body functions, allow us to generate “IDEAS”. So what is the difference between a piece of paper with a mouse drawn and 30,000 acre project? Actions.

How many good ideas do you have in your mind? Get one, only one and make it happen. If not, is only a conversation theme for a cofee shop.
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