Wow… October is a month full of birthdays, Miguel, Fuller, Heredes, my son Jose Alejandro, and today it was Yves Leroy Moriseau Birthday. Yves is one of my best friends and has been my doctor for… 23 years, has been with me on the good times and also on the not so good. I also have been on good and bad times with him, and that is what it is about friendship. I never expected for him to be with me on the dark moments, but he was there. I called today on the morning and he was happy to see that even on the distance I remembered his b-day… and I also was happy that I catch him before he went to the busy day of a doctor. He shared with me that he is now a proud grand dad and it was his best b-day present from his daughter. Friendship is about honesty, fidelity, and love. That’s why Jesus after being with the disciples for a while, he told them: “I now call you friends” Jesus is the friend that always will be there for you.

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  1. Te quiero mucho primacho!! LA película se llama: “My life without me”
    Felicitame a mi sobrino!! por aquello del cummple! Besos!

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