Have you walked near to a panaderia (bakery) while they are sweltering bread? It smell so good that invites us to walk in and get some recently baked bread; Or have you been at a restaurant where they bake their own bread? The aroma is delicious, the texture and the flavor, incomparable and with that starter, melting some butter on the yet hot bread, will make a great food experience. Once the bread it is cold, it looses its aroma and some of its flavor and texture.

One of the reasons I love Flamingo Road Church is because its worship. What is this related with the bread? Because it is like a bakery on duty. This weekend we got a breathtaking worship concert… not once, but five times, and every time, it was like that fresh baked bread… At Flamingo Road Church the excellence level of the worship band it is amazing. Every detail, the lights, the sound, the arrangements, the chorus, the voices, the instruments… all together melted like the perfect recipe for bread… and its aroma was spread all over the congregation, making the spiritual experience, an awesome one!

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