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Memorial day… also a good opportunity to share time with one of my daughters, Tania. For the first time, she was able to build a computer… A friend of mine asked me to build two computers and it was a great opportunity to share the experience with Tania. So, I expended half of the time, because she was doing the same I was doing… We installed the processor on the motherboard, a Pentium D @ 3 Ghz, 1 Gb DDR memory, a DVD burner, A 80 GB Hard Drive, a lot of screws, and few cables all together, made a new computer.
One of the principle we live at Flamingo Road Church is to raise leaders, not followers. A good leader on the beginning is a good follower, then he takes of like on their own. When you raise a leader your work load will be less, and nicer… is not the same to do the task by your self, than to make life with others, teaching, learning and having great time! 🙂