Last Sunday I got a great time with my beloved one at “Garcia’s” restaurant in Miami, by the river. We got a delicious “Ceviche”, a Lobster Bisque, a Shrimp Cocktail, and a fresh fish fillet. While we where eating, we got an opportunity to had a little chat on my expectations and what I have.

She asked me what I think of one relative and I mentioned few qualities and then she asked me if I was able to see those qualifications on her, and at some point she asked me if some one charming, elegant or social would fulfill my expectations, and with no doubt my answer was, that she, my dearly loved was the one who fulfill all my expectations. The root of many conflicts and separation on a couple starts with unfulfilled expectations. Some one is waiting for something that they will never get, then become frustrated, upset and starts looking for some “ideal” person… and after that… the affair is on the door.

When I got married, I accepted Dora as she is, with her virtues and defects. I build my expectations on what I Have, not on what I don’t.

God created us to be together, man and wife like one, complementing each other. To reach your God’s potential; you have to walk as one, with your own individuality but with one same vision, one same destination.

After our first eight years, I can tell my beloved this: You were my expectation, you are my expectation and you will be my expectation. Baby I love u.

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