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I’m been editing several graphics for a website, some times I made a mistake and I use the key sequence -Control ‘Z’- it is a short cut for UNDO, and allow you to go back in the time and repair a mistake, or to redo something you don’t liked… it is amazing and allow your creativity to flow free… but I had a problem with my computer and I was working for hours and Photoshop was frozen… I was unable to UNDO, even to save my work… I had to start again and I was unable to recreate exactly what I had, but i finished the work… This morning I was thinking on what can you undo in life and what you cannot…

You will never recover…

One stone you trowed away
One word after you said it
One opportunity after you missed it
The time, after it passed

That’s why you must think twice before…

You trow a stone on some one else
You said the wrong word to some one you love
You prioritize your work over an important moment in your life
You lost the time doing the wrong…

Be wise… think twice…

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