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Traditionally we celebrate our Christmas on the 24th, we have dinner together with the family, we open the presents, and we rest on the 25th. This was a very different Christmas for me and my family. As part of Flamingo Road Church, we had 8 Services at Cooper City campus to share the joy of Christmas with about 20,000 people… and after the last service, we decided to do something different. We made about 30 bags with muffins and as family we went to different residential complex to visit the gards who had to work on christmas eve, and we deliver the bags to each gard… we got from an atonished gard with no expression to an crying gard on one… one small gift made the difference, not only to the gards, but also to my family, we had fun, and we had the great opportunity to deliver, more than a muffin, a little of joy and hope.