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Today, while I was driving, I start listening to the anointing sound of beep… beep… beep… and the light on my car’s odometer blinking as a reminder to fasten my seat belt… so I completed the task and the sound stopped and the ligh was off, then I start thinking about my daughters, the two little ones, no questions, as soon as they are on their chairs, they pull the seat belt and some times they remind me or their mom about the belt. The two teens, I have to remind them, they complain, but they finally attach the seat belt. Me, some times I forgot, and the sound and light remind me to put it on… and that’s the way we act in front of God instructions for life… What is the purpose of a seat belt? Is also called safety belt and is designed to secure the occupant of the car against a harmful movement that may result from a collision or a sudden stop. The question is: Why do I have to wear it all the time? Because an accident is something unexpected, and no one knows when is going to happen to you.

God gave us a full set of rules to protect us against sudden situations in our life, and when we wear it, we are more protected… it does not mean that we are not going to have any situation, but when it arrives, we’ll be more protected…

On the other side, is about your own motivation. Why do you wear a seat belt? You have to because it is on the Law? May be you have to, because some one else told you to do it? Or you are convinced that it will protect you? Which other areas in your life you are doing with the same kind of motivation?
The answer is yours…

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