Our Campus Pastor at Lima Wrote this update:

Earthquake Update: 350 dead in Peru and 1,000 injured. Mass devastation south of Lima, in cities of Ica, Chincha, Pisco, 4-5 hours south of Lima. Houses, buildings, hospitals collapsed. We are trying to make contact with a pastor and with relatives of FRC Lima folks that live in the area. 60% of all houses collapsed in that area. Tsunami warnings all night in Lima, but may have passed. Many aftershocks all night as well. Damage in Lima less than in south, but still several deaths and much structural damage, particularly in center of Lima. Girls at orphanage are all OK physically, but very scared. Older girls were returning from school when earthquake hit, but made it back safely. They are all very scared today. We’ll probably go there later on today to be with them. We’re OK. Some structural damage to our building. Lots of things broken. Pictures fell off wall, broken glass, etc. Ran down 5 flights of stairs to escape from building with debris, scaffolding, falling all around me. Surreal when it happened. Giant white lights in the night sky, and office towers swaying back and forth. Lots of clean-up to do now. Thinking about how best to get relief to cities in the south where it hit hardest. May go there. Thanks for your prayers. Please keep praying. Much devastation here.


Let’s keep them in our prayers… and there is an opportunity for you. If you would like to partner with Flamingo Road Church as we reach out to the spiritual and physical needs of Peru…please contact Raul Palacios for more information. We can make a difference if we work together…Your gifts and talents matter…

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