When I was young, I loved to play Domino with my sisters, and I loved to do “Couples”, trying to defeat the other couple and helping my partner to win the game. But my sisters where busy most of the time, and then I liked to put all the pieces standing close to each other, making some shapes… then pushing one single piece and observing how all other pieces felt down… Years later I found that is called “The Domino Effect”. One single piece is capable to affect all others.

We all have “key” moments in our life, and after those, our destiny is changed… just like some one pushing our first piece, and all others start to fall, following the path…

My pastor is now preparing a new series called Domino, and it is not about how to play… instead is about decisions, how one can impact our life causing “The Domino Effect”. I have great expectations on what I and my family will learn from that… and the impact that will have on my future.

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