We finished preparing the pre-launch website for MyNakedPastor.com and everyone is exited about this new series.

It has a spot to submit your video to enter the contest to go to the “Naked Party” (I just made my own video and submitted). I’m learning about the RSS, XML & Twitter feeds on the link we added there, because, believe it or not, I didn’t know what it was a feed (Yes an outdated nerd… that stinks) and it is very cool, so, now I don’t need to visit all my friend’s blog, just get the feed and I can read all the updates all at once, great.

Another interesting thing is the naked tools, that allow every one to include the code piece required to invite some one or just to share the fun of MyNakedPastor.com on the Naked Tools section.

Well and what is this, all about this series? There is the explanation also:

“The lead pastor, Troy Gramling, at Flamingo Road Church is getting naked! No…not that kind of naked, a new kind of naked. A nakedness that isn’t embarrassing; a nakedness that God would say is cool.

On 9-9 @ 9PM, Troy will be on a 24-hour webcam for five weeks in four locations: house, car, hotel, and office. Every day, all day, we will see his life in a fishbowl – the good, the bad, the great, the ugly.

Why? Well, first, let us tell you why not–it is not too exalt him. Rather, to realize with him, that we are all fish in a bowl. The more transparent (naked) we get, the more God can do amazing things through us. We weren’t created to be people in hiding, concealment, or shame, we were created to be real, naked and unashamed.

So get ready, ’cause Flamingo Road Church is going in a bowl and we hope you’ll watch.”

So, what are you waiting for? Go an get your naked tools, use the Envite to share this with a friend, or simply have fun and create your video.

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