Daddy… I want one…

These last few days, I had the opportunity to share time with my two little ones, so they are going with me wherever I go, to the office, or any other place I have to. Today I visited another church office and they had some kind of aquarium but instead of fishes, they had Snakes… so my little angels told me… “Hey dad… there is no fishes” and the owner of that office said, no, there are no fishes, but I have some snakes instead…” Can I see one, Can I see one? Sol said… and Sarai seconded the motion… So, he explained to me that the snakes were safe for kids, (He is a school principal) so after the explanation, he patiently show my little girls the snakes he has… and guess what… instead of being afraid they wanted to touch it, observe it and finally they asked me… Can I have one? Pleeeeease? I just laugh out loud, and I believe I was more nervous with the snakes than my little ones… I’m thinking what kind of pet they can have (Beside the popular webkins)… Well that will be some other post…

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  1. Me recuerdan tanto amiiiiiii…..

    La diferencia es que yo tenía que llevarlas escondidas bajo el sueter de la escuela para disfrutarlas bajo las escaleras en casa…. no me la había puesto en las manos mi papá… jajajaja

    Después de cierto tiempo, me detenía mi mamá para revisarme a ver si ese día también llevaba escondido alguna otra sorpresita….

    La curiosidad sobre la naturaleza es infinita!

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