My visit to Busch Gardens was surprising, they had several shows related to Christmas, well, that shouldn’t’t be surprising, you can think, is the season… Yes, is the season, what was different was, that I have been at several places promoting Christmas, Santa, The elves, the deer’s and even Frosty, but when we speak about the reason for the season, about Jesus, most of the stores or business places are shy to express something that can offend people who don’t believe of Jesus. Well, my surprise about Busch Gardens it was that they included praise and worship songs on the shows, exalting Jesus as Lord. On one of the shows I observe a couple that stand and walked out the theater mumbling something… the rest of the people stayed there. I learn a valuable lesson about conviction, to share what you believe with out shame. May be some one can learn from your strong belief and because of that, you could make an eternal difference on some one’s life.

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