Today I went to a meeting about how to deal with conflicts, and it was a good reminder of what we have to do… there is no recipes, because every situation is unique, but there are some steps that can be helpful:

First: We have to understand there is different kind of conflicts. Two of them are:

Misunderstanding on the point of view
Poor communication

To deal with the misunderstandings, the solution could be to get the right information from a trustable source

To deal with poor communication, we have to work first on what is the idea to transmit, what is the vision we want to spread, then talk about in different levels, all related to the same idea. The human mind needs to listen to the same idea at least ten times to have a complete understanding on some matter, so, don’t think everyone is a genius and will understand you with just few words your vision.

God give us TWO eyes, TWO ears and ONE mouth. We have to learn to observe more, listen more and talk less, particularly if we are dealing with conflicts.

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