Comfort Zone

Last weekend I was able to experience the Flamingo Road Church Internet Campus with my sisters, my son and his mother.

Pastor Troy used an example of a half glass of water. Was it half empty or was it half full? How do we see it? How do I see it? Well, I just got into the conversation with my son about my trip on a car without air conditioned. To be at a car with air conditioned, is mandatory for a city like Merida… he asked me how I was able to support the high temperature without air… so I used some part of my pastor’s teaching to illustrate my decision to rent a car with no air. I made a decision: I decided to enjoy the experience. When I drove from Cancun to Merida I was able to perceive the forest aroma… and because had no radio, I was able also to experience a good thinking time. Troy mentioned that Joy, is a DECISION, my other choice was to complain about the heat… the lack of music, but my choice was to be positive, to have joy. We always have different opportunities to enjoy life or to complain about it, especially when you are out of your comfort zone. To be out of the things we are used to, bother us… and some times we need to be out of our comfort zone to:

1. To be grateful with God for the things we have
2. To have a better understanding to others who are on a different situation than us
3. To learn tolerance
4. To seek the nice side on every situation in life.

I decided to be a glass half full. What do you want to be?

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  1. I WANT to be a glass half full! But I confess… I have a tendancy to be a glass half empty sort of girl.

    I can’t tell you how many times this week the teaching has come to my mind and heart and reminded me to “make the CHOICE” to be joyful “no matter what” my current circumstances are!

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