This week I started my GED writing course, and I just entered on the unknown world of grammar. I discover that there are many rules, different from Spanish, about Pronouns, Prepositions, Punctuation and more… and this is just the beginning.

Since I started, I continued reading my books, but now I look the text from a different perspective. I star noticing the grammar and punctuation on my reading getting not just the content, but the grammar too. I slowed down my lecture, because now I’m more analytic. On the past, I was able to swallow a book on few hours, but now it is taking me more time to discover a hole new world that has been there always, but I was unable to look at it because my fast reading.

To better explain this I’ll use a Motorcycle example: If you are going from Miami to Tampa, you could make it in 2 hours on a Ninja Kawasaki ZX6-R or you can expend 4 and a half hours on a Harley Davidson… not just driving, but enjoying the road and the details around the way.
Some times in our life, we are so used to be on the fast track that we miss the little things or details on our daily run. That’s why I’m so exited about the upcoming series “”, In order to create all the structure to support a 24 x 7 webcast, I had to think on several details, several thinks I don’t realize that are happening around me every day on a regular basis.

Soon we will see what Troy’s approach to the everyday little things is… you don’t want to miss it… Launch party 9-9 at 9.

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