• World War II and my Dad – II

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  • The Carrasco’s… A Little bit of history, Part III

    I know just a little about my grand grand parents, but I have the names and a picture. Lucecita García Luna and Blas Carrasco, they had 19 kids… It’s obvious there no was TV on that time. One of their sons, Eduardo Carrasco García Luna, married María Contreras Nuñez, who was daughter of Vicentita Nuñez […]

  • The Beginnings… A little bit of history, part IV

    Sol and Antonio meet in Acapulco… few days later Antonio was asking my grandpa Eduardo permission to married Sol and to take her to Cozumel, where he was based. More than a permission it was just an advise, because he had to go back immediately to his duties. My grandparents give him a blessing, they […]

  • A little bit of History Part VI

    I was four years old when my dad taught me to read. By that time, my older brother Pepe, was acquiring a weekly publication to build an illustrated encyclopedia. I remember the cover, it had an astronaut, and atom and it was colorful and attractive to read it. Since I learned to read, I started […]

  • A little bit of history part VIII

    While I was at home, I was peaceful, quiet, obedient; a perfect angel. But as soon as I walked out home, I turned in to a menace, that caused my mom to have to visit the school more than often, and by the middle of my 4th grade I got expelled from school again. My […]

  • A little bit of history, part IX

    What happened between fourth and fifth grade impacted my life… there are some memories… My first job My father bought a shoe box with all the stuff required to have shiny shoes at home, so I asked why he did that, so he explained me that if we pay, we needed to expend 2 pesos […]

  • A Little bit of History… part X

    This was a very difficult time for me. I started my fifth grade at Fundación Mier y Pesado, a Catholic School, that you needed to have high recommendations or contacts to be there… well, my mom, always fought at schools for us, and there was never a closed door for her. She was so persistent… […]

  • High-End technology

    Last night, Troy Gramling, my pastor launched the first on line staff meeting. Here on campus there were only few volunteers helping with cameras, the tech team and the Internet Campus team. Everyone else was at home, or Starbucks or anywhere else watching on their computers. Troy is sharing the vision of being able to […]

  • Getting smiles!

    Last Sunday, before we get back from Orlando, we went to the City Walk at Universal to have lunch and we took the boat ride to the Hard Rock Hotel. The hotel is beautiful and you can feel a good leadership managing the hotel, since you arrive. Smiling faces welcoming you, consistently all over the […]

  • The inner child

    Walt Disney created many famous characters and for several generations, the Mouse and his gang have been entertaining people all over the world. Today I went with my beloved to see Disney on Ice, with my little ones and guess what… with my teen agers too! The whole family 🙂 We laugh and enjoy two […]