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  • What we are?

    We are b

  • Centenario de un fusilamiento

    Hurgando en los anales históricos de nuestro país, logré encontrar un pequeño rastro que me condujo a conocer a todos los hermanos y hermana de mi abuelo Antonio, así como saber quienes fueron sus padres, o sea, ya logré llegar a conocer a mis bisabuelos Antonio y María! Pues resulta que Antonio y María procrearon […]

  • Are you young at heart?

    “Fairy tales can come true it can happen to you,if you’re young at heart.” Today is the first day of a new stage of my life, and I know that there is a lot of thing to be done, and I discovered that aging is a matter of a way of thinking. You’ll become old, […]

  • Easter at Dania Beach

    Easter at Dania Beach

    Today at Dania Beach, we had the privilege to baptize more than 500 people, who decided to commit their life to Christ and have a fresh start. At Sunrise, we walked in to the waters of Atlantic Ocean and we saw how person after person, kids, teenagers, adults and people from all ages got baptized. […]

  • Sol’s Birthday

    Last Friday, my beloved daughter Sol celebrated her 9th Birthday, and it was a two day celebration… so early on the morning we sang “Las Mañanitas” and “Happy Birthday to you ” and on Saturday we had the party at our new home, so on the middle of all painting and repairs, we had her […]

  • On my way!

    On my way!

    After several trials, I got the color/texture I wanted for my bedroom. Since We moved to our new house, it has been a trial-error process, from demolishing to paint. I really wanted for my bedroom a special finish on the paint, and on our first trial, we were unsuccessful, so, we tried again, and again, […]

  • Surprise Birthday Party!

    Surprise Birthday Party!

    From 2009 Arturo’s Birthday Yesterday my beloved prepared me a surprise party at our new house  and we got Tacos with green and red mole, also Sarai, baked a cake, and Tania decorated it. Paulina and Sol helped with the decoration, and my beloved she coordinated everything. I got 264 messages on my facebook page, […]

  • What a way to celebrate a B-day!

    What a way to celebrate a B-day!

    I’m celebrating my 48th Birthday with a new house for my family, it has been a loooooooong process but finally, last Wednesday we sign our first house in US, and we start the process of moving in and adapting the house to our likeness, our colors, ideas and more… It has been fun painting, demolishing […]

  • Wailing Wall

    Wailing Wall

    Last weekend, Troy Gramling, my pastor, shared a great teaching about what is important, while he launched the Series “Hell no, It Matters“. What is relevant about this series, is that we have to remember that is not about us, but others. At the end of the service, people was able to write the name […]

  • Real Food…

    Real Food…

    Yesterday I went to eat with a very good friend seeking for a Healthy place to eat, and we found a Salads Place… and we got a mmm… delicious Salad, healthy, nutritious, but before start eating I was wondering if that is enough to have my body running, and I just remember, that some like […]