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  • The Beginnings… A little bit of history, part IV

    Sol and Antonio meet in Acapulco… few days later Antonio was asking my grandpa Eduardo permission to married Sol and to take her to Cozumel, where he was based. More than a permission it was just an advise, because he had to go back immediately to his duties. My grandparents give him a blessing, they […]

  • Our Family Ethos:

    At Flamingo Road Church we encourage our staff and volunteers to live accordingly to FRC Ethos: Diversity: Is there someone not like me? Movement: Which direction am I going? Collaboration: Who am I doing life with? Potential: Is this the best that I can do? Environment: How does it make me feel? Thinking: Where am […]

  • Something to Blog about…

    What do I have to do to reach my potential? Today, my pastor, Troy Gramling shared with us about four things we have to do to continue our potential journey: First thing: Get readyJoshua 1:1-2 1 After the death of Moses the servant of the LORD, the LORD said to Joshua son of Nun, Moses’ […]

  • Rusty but…

    I found this great photo and I was thinking about the things we experience in our lives, like our force, our strength, our abilities, and there is a stated on the Second Law of Thermodynamic that we are going from new to old, from shiny to rusty, from useful to obsolete and that is a […]

  • Become like little children…

    I recently got an email of a friend of mine who, on a very polite way corrected me some misspelling I had on my previous post from Holliwood to Hollywood… and that helped me. After editing the post, I was thinking… people is afraid to tell you when you are wrong… is afraid of… why? […]

  • Memorial Day at the beach!

    Memorial day was a perfect opportunity to have some family time at the Beach, so I planned a trip to the Cays, depart @ 6:00 a.m., drive, have fun, and so for… but… everyone wanted to sleep a little more… so my older princess were awake almost at noon… so instead of the Cays we […]

  • The I-Marriage… a small group about marriage!

    Last Night we had a small Group Meeting for Couples at my house. This is the third week on a row we are doing that. We meet and we are following a series called the I-Marriage, and on a very effective way is touching some fundamentals on marriage today. Based on Dreams, Ilusions and expectations, […]

  • Things to remember

    Today, my pastor Troy Gramling spoke about some thing that we have to remember… Satan Values: Pride Gluttony Lust Envy Anger Greed Sloth Because Satan has a purpose and is on the Bible: John 10:10 10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy;…” That’s why I have to remember… To watch my […]

  • Turning the Extraordinary into Ordinary…

    I’m being reading a Book of Josehp A. Michelli, “The Starbucks Experience” and it is the story of some one who was able to transform a regular cup of coffee into an extraordinary experience. The Starbucks coffee shops expanded across the world, and on that book, Michelli shares 5 principles that are fundamental for success […]

  • Influence…

    Tonight, my pastor Troy Gramling, challenged me to write a name of a person or persons who influenced me on my Christian life, the first name that came to my mind, it was Dora, my beloved wife. When I started dating, she never told me she was a Christian, she never invited me to a […]