Category: Personal Growth

  • Being persistent

    Some of my friends believe I’m a genius, but the truth is that no, I’m not. I’m just persistent; once I have an objective, I refuse to give up, and that is what makes a difference. A friend of mine has this poster on his office and I really like the clearness of the concept, […]

  • 2009 A year of opportunity

    This is me 10 years ago, and now… I was checking some of my old pictures; every one is a memory, a moment in my life… It is good to look to your past, and get some nice memories; it is also good to remember what helped you, on the past, as well as what […]

  • I got my results…

    Well, today I got my results from last week’s test and today’s test. Reading: 92% at Level 12, so I passed! Math: 100% at level 12 also (Surprised me because I didn’t know how to divide fractions and I just guess the best answer), so passed too. Writing: 72% at level … 5 (Fifth grade), […]