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  • Time to get naked….

    I haven’t posted for two days… I was installing the mobile station at Troy’s house. We installed a workstation with four cameras trying to capture the best of the Launch party for MyNakedPastor series. Today, while I was checking the contest videos, there is one who really catch my attention, the video “Let’s get naked […]

  • “In a village in La Mancha, whose name I do not care to recall…

    “Don Quijote de la Mancha” is one of the greatest pieces of the Spanish Literature, it was written in the late XVI century by Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra, and it is considered as a corner stone of the novel writing. The first time I read this book I was 12 years old and I was […]

  • Here is my video for the Contest for

  • Thanks God is Free-day

    Friday is my Free-day and the best day for me to read, relax, have some time with Dora, wait for Pani to know where she is going out, so thank God is Free-day. I meet today with Freddy, a friend who belongs to another Ministry, but we where always in contact, we work together for […]

  • Mi first Class Day… I got a Test:

    Today was my first class day, and just coming in, I got my first test! To check my current knowledge, first, it was a Pre-test… so on this test it was reading, math and writing. First Results: Reading, 100%, (Is good to now at least that I can understand all I’m reading), Math, I got […]

  • Developing the Pre-Launch Website 🙂

    We finished preparing the pre-launch website for and everyone is exited about this new series. It has a spot to submit your video to enter the contest to go to the “Naked Party” (I just made my own video and submitted). I’m learning about the RSS, XML & Twitter feeds on the link we […]

  • Pepermint Filled Piñatas

    Today I start reading the Book “Peppermint-filled piñatas” by Eric Michael Bryant, and as soon as i start reading, I was unable to stop reading it… it make me think about how can we move our ministry to become relevant, responsive, and reflective of the global community. He approaches the subject on a very funny […]

  • Back to school

    Today was the first day at school for all of my princess, also my wife start working as montessory teacher. Yesterday it was the run to be ready for today, Paulina was seeking for the best set to impact others… if this belt is with this shoes and backpack, if the hair… Sarai was checking […]

  • Being prepared for “”

    The Series is a great technical challenge, because for five weeks we will be broadcasting Troy Gramling 24 x 7. This weekend Garland’s message for the Antology series was “Today Matters” oh… and by the way, Today is Garland’s B-Day… (Happy Birthday Gar), and it was about to be prepared, it’s funny, I’m trying […]

  • Today matters…

    Here is another picture with our characters of the “Mystery Picture”. A great president for US, Ronald Reagan. Today, while I was driving back from Tampa, I tried to discuss with Dora about the John Maxwell book “Today Matters” so we start listening the audio book, before the first chapter ended, Dora, was snoring… (Look […]