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  • Time to get naked….

    I haven’t posted for two days… I was installing the mobile station at Troy’s house. We installed a workstation with four cameras trying to capture the best of the Launch party for MyNakedPastor series. Today, while I was checking the contest videos, there is one who really catch my attention, the video “Let’s get naked […]

  • “In a village in La Mancha, whose name I do not care to recall…

    “Don Quijote de la Mancha” is one of the greatest pieces of the Spanish Literature, it was written in the late XVI century by Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra, and it is considered as a corner stone of the novel writing. The first time I read this book I was 12 years old and I was […]

  • Almost ready for the race:

    There are just few hours to start the “” series. We have been working at least for three months, planning, researching, designing, developing, doing tests, checking equipment, debugging, discarding by trial and error and we are almost there… at the beginning of a new adventure. Some of the equipment that we will be using is […]

  • Ouch….

    Today, Sol was jumping on her sister’s bed and she was hurt with a small cut on the leg. She didn’t wanted anyone to touch the cut, but I explained about the cuts, the infections and how the bacteria can causes more pain, and after the long explanation, she agreed to allow me help her […]

  • One year ago, I met Deanna and Gonzalo, a young couple who was seeking wedding information, they where planning to get married. I gave them all the information, requirements and also we started a couple’s seminar that I usually give to the married couples. Marriage is the most important project on a humans life, is […]

  • Here is my video for the Contest for

  • Colon, semicolon, period, and more.

    This week I started my GED writing course, and I just entered on the unknown world of grammar. I discover that there are many rules, different from Spanish, about Pronouns, Prepositions, Punctuation and more… and this is just the beginning. Since I started, I continued reading my books, but now I look the text from […]

  • Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do… After tomorrow?

    When I started this blog, I made a commitment with myself to write every day, to be constant and make my best effort every day, to improve my writing, little by little but every day, and my goal is to become a better English writer as time goes by… this sound nice… like new year […]

  • Attitude… it matters

    Last week I went to Miami looking for a Wide Angle Lens for camera to provide a better view of what’s going on at Troy’s for 5 weeks. Here are to shots. One, a Wide Angle shot and two, another without. You see it is a better view. On my search of the lens, […]

  • Thanks God is Free-day

    Friday is my Free-day and the best day for me to read, relax, have some time with Dora, wait for Pani to know where she is going out, so thank God is Free-day. I meet today with Freddy, a friend who belongs to another Ministry, but we where always in contact, we work together for […]