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  • 20 Minutes late…

    To understand the value of a year, just ask a student who failed one, to understand a month, ask to a mother who give birth early, to understand the value of a week, ask to the editor of “Weekly News” paper. To understand the value of a day, ask to the lovers are waiting to […]

  • 12 and a Half is not equal than 12 and ¾

    Today I review my “to do” list at home and there was some pending tasks to be done. Paulina’s bed was broken and I needed to replace the base wood to fix it, also one of the kitchen drawers required some work, My daughters room needed a ceiling light, one of the baths needed some […]

  • One year ago, I met Deanna and Gonzalo, a young couple who was seeking wedding information, they where planning to get married. I gave them all the information, requirements and also we started a couple’s seminar that I usually give to the married couples. Marriage is the most important project on a humans life, is […]

  • Colon, semicolon, period, and more.

    This week I started my GED writing course, and I just entered on the unknown world of grammar. I discover that there are many rules, different from Spanish, about Pronouns, Prepositions, Punctuation and more… and this is just the beginning. Since I started, I continued reading my books, but now I look the text from […]

  • Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do… After tomorrow?

    When I started this blog, I made a commitment with myself to write every day, to be constant and make my best effort every day, to improve my writing, little by little but every day, and my goal is to become a better English writer as time goes by… this sound nice… like new year […]

  • Why do I do ministry?

    Some one asked today to a room full of church staff: Why do you do ministry? While I listen to the answers I ask my self why, and I made a quick time travel remembering how my life was. I was dead… I was having a miserable live, living every day with no hope, just […]