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  • Become like little children…

    I recently got an email of a friend of mine who, on a very polite way corrected me some misspelling I had on my previous post from Holliwood to Hollywood… and that helped me. After editing the post, I was thinking… people is afraid to tell you when you are wrong… is afraid of… why? […]

  • Personal Effectiveness

    Today, Pastor Raul Palacios was leading a Book Study that is being broadcasted every tuesday at 7 a.m. on the Internet based on the book “Launching a Leadership Revolution”. I really believe this is one of the best books I ever read about leadership. It combines text from many leadership authors. The authors, Chris Brady […]

  • Leadership day…

    Today I got a great opportunity to have some fun with all the Flamingo Road Church Team. Our Lead Pastor, Troy Gramling took us on a journey to better understand what is required to be a leader, to have some challenges and also to have some fun. The day included a field trip to a […]

  • Learning

    Yesterday was one of those great days to remember for Sarai, my little one. She learned in few hours how to ride a bike with no safety wheels… she started vacillating, but determined to find out the mystery behind the pedals. She felt down once, twice… and several times, but after few minutes, she found […]