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  • Are you ill? get some remedies…

    Last weekend I went with the family to Orlando, to support Paulina, my oldest daughter and during the travel I had some time to get some insights while I was driving, and I remembered when my Grandma Martha told a history of a woman that when she was sick, she walked in front of the […]

  • One small step for man

    On July 20, 1969 My father came to the house and turned on the TV… Man landed in the Moon! He said. And we seat and watched a historical moment. The first words… “One small step for man, a great leap for humanity”… Why am I writing this today? Because I’m feeling that way… every […]

  • Another Birthday!

    I just found that a very good friend of mine is celebrating his birthday today! (It looks like I’m not aware of my friend’s b-days), Miguel, a great friend, is getting older too. Miguel is a very creative, smart Apple guy, ingenious and humble, but also he is able to celebrate two birthdays a year… […]