Category: Gratitude

  • I’ve screwed up…

    About a year ago or little more, my pastor Troy Gramling launched a series called about how often we made mistakes and how to deal with it. The series was accompanied by a website with the same name: with the sole purpose to allow people to write and confess anonymously any mistake made […]

  • Gratitude

    Every day is a day to be grateful to God, but yesterday was a special one. First, let me share the Gratitude definition I found in the dictionary: “Gratitude is the substance of a heart ready to show appreciation, or thankfulness; it is not simply an emotion, which involves a pleasant feeling that can occur […]

  • Influence…

    Tonight, my pastor Troy Gramling, challenged me to write a name of a person or persons who influenced me on my Christian life, the first name that came to my mind, it was Dora, my beloved wife. When I started dating, she never told me she was a Christian, she never invited me to a […]