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  • Rational Lies

    There is always lies wispered on your ear that sound logic, and rational. The enemy wants to make us believe something based on supposed facts. At my church are kicking off a brand new series this weekend called “RationaLIES“. I am SO pumped about this series & let me tell you why…I think it is […]

  • One Church… where you are!

    Today it was a historical day for my church. Our pastor Troy Gramling is chasing God’s vision to open up at least 50 campuses and reach at least 100,000 persons every weekend… at this point we have 6 Campuses: Cooper City, Doral, Hallandale Beach, Internet, Lima Peru, and Sawgrass at Plantation. Every Sunday we pray […]

  • Cold Heart…

    Sorting information on my computer I found the picture I used for my CD in 1997, the title of the CD was “Cold Heart” and all the songs where dramatically sad, depressing and of course… cold. When I wrote that music it was really a time where I was sad, empty, with a lot of […]

  • Live services from

    Is almost Christmas, but at our Internet Campus Christmas already started with a service last Thursday, and today we will continue with two more services, one at 5 p.m. and other at 6:30 p.m.(Eastern Standard Time). Every service is broadcasted live and Pastor Brian is having a live participation on every service to introduce and […]

  • Our weekly Staff Meeting…

    My Church, Flamingo Road Church has a vision to open 50 new campuses to reach 100,000 people. One of the key to succeed will be communications. At this point we have six campuses; one of them is at Lima City, in Peru. 3,000 miles away (more or less) How to be connected? Internet is now […]

  • 614 Bikes!

    Last month, Troy Gramling, my pastor, launched a campaign to raise toys and bikes to give a different Christmas to child in need. He challenged the congregation to reach no more, no less than 600 bikes… Since then, every day I been seeing someone walking in with a toy or a gift to deposit on […]

  • 60’s, 70’s… Retro Christmas and Office deco!

    Yesterday was a great day… Everyone on the office was in the Christmas Spirit and they decorated all the facilities on a 60’s and 70’s feel… Look at the pictures. My Pastor, Troy Gramling is preparing a great new series called “Love Sign, a retro Christmas”… you cannot miss it at any of our campus… […]