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  • Our Family Ethos:

    At Flamingo Road Church we encourage our staff and volunteers to live accordingly to FRC Ethos: Diversity: Is there someone not like me? Movement: Which direction am I going? Collaboration: Who am I doing life with? Potential: Is this the best that I can do? Environment: How does it make me feel? Thinking: Where am […]

  • Lunch buddy

    Today I got a lunch invitation from a very special and beloved person, Iยดm talking about Sarai, my littlest one, she also invited her sister Sol and we were able to have lunch together. I’m glad I can have this opportunity often, I really enjoy having lunch together ๐Ÿ™‚ The time never stops and every […]

  • At Markham Park…

    Thanks to Martin Luther King, we had today some extra family time, so we went to Makham park to have some delicious Tostadas of Shrimp Ceviche made by my beloved. The girls were running and having fun and we enjoy the time together. We wanted to rent some boat but there was no service there […]

  • Memorial Day at the beach!

    Memorial day was a perfect opportunity to have some family time at the Beach, so I planned a trip to the Cays, depart @ 6:00 a.m., drive, have fun, and so for… but… everyone wanted to sleep a little more… so my older princess were awake almost at noon… so instead of the Cays we […]

  • The I-Marriage… a small group about marriage!

    Last Night we had a small Group Meeting for Couples at my house. This is the third week on a row we are doing that. We meet and we are following a series called the I-Marriage, and on a very effective way is touching some fundamentals on marriage today. Based on Dreams, Ilusions and expectations, […]

  • A new family member…

    Well, it has been a long time since my last post, but here I am updating my blog… there have been a lot of things happening… Meetings, projects, friends leaving… so… I have many things to write about… but something that really is moving my world around is… a new family member… Let me introduce […]

  • The inner child

    Walt Disney created many famous characters and for several generations, the Mouse and his gang have been entertaining people all over the world. Today I went with my beloved to see Disney on Ice, with my little ones and guess what… with my teen agers too! The whole family ๐Ÿ™‚ We laugh and enjoy two […]

  • Reencounter…

    Technology is great to be in contact with our beloved ones, few years ago, our family was divided by the distance, but thanks to messengers, chats and videoconference programs we have been in contact… but two days ago, I had the opportunity to meet with my sisters Tony, Paty and Martha and my brother Jose […]

  • What is important…

    Family, Values, Love, Respect, Patience, Forgiveness, Protection, Care, Compassion, Understanding, are some of the most important things in life… What is the right desition? To do what is inside of your own values…

  • My greatest blessing.

    9 years ago, I was having the most difficult time in my entire life. After a complete breakdown, I was ready to take my life on my own hands and God showed me his mercy and I knew for sure there was a real God. I remember my first kind of prayer was โ€œAll right, […]