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  • The Tree of faith!

    The Tree of faith!

    Last January we were on the process of buying our house, by that time we really did’t knew for sure if we could get the property for what we offered… at that time, it was uncertain the purchase of the property, but we saw a tall Christmas tree and I always wanted to have a […]

  • Fasten your Seat Belt! … please????

    Today, while I was driving, I start listening to the anointing sound of beep… beep… beep… and the light on my car’s odometer blinking as a reminder to fasten my seat belt… so I completed the task and the sound stopped and the ligh was off, then I start thinking about my daughters, the two […]

  • What a better day to get baptized than Easter?

    Do you think there is a better day than Easter to get Baptized? well, that’s what almost 500 people did this morning at Dania Beach, FL. There are a couple of videos 🙂

  • Poisoned

    Friday night I ate some fish that was not good… so few minutes after I finished, I start feeling stomach pain and general sickness… Oh my God! it was a nightmare night, trowing out all night long and with an abdominal acute pain… My wife asked me if I wanted to go to the Hospital, […]

  • Almost ready for the race:

    There are just few hours to start the “” series. We have been working at least for three months, planning, researching, designing, developing, doing tests, checking equipment, debugging, discarding by trial and error and we are almost there… at the beginning of a new adventure. Some of the equipment that we will be using is […]

  • Earthquake at Lima:

    I start praying for Lima, Peru and all the affected cities for this big catastrophe, is sad always to know about the life loses, and people injured. My prayers for all the people suffering and their families at Peru. I just remember 1985 in Mexico City, it was September the 19, at 7:18 a.m. I […]

  • Why do I do ministry?

    Some one asked today to a room full of church staff: Why do you do ministry? While I listen to the answers I ask my self why, and I made a quick time travel remembering how my life was. I was dead… I was having a miserable live, living every day with no hope, just […]