Category: Discipline

  • Corn or Wheat? Watermelon trees?

    Since the beginning I planned this vacation trip to Tampa on a different way. We commonly jump in to the car and I start driving like on pursuit of a prize or something like that, arrive at our destination as soon as possible and that’s it… this time, I started driving slower than usual (even […]

  • An Evangelistic experience…

    What are the experiences you’ll always remember? Those you experience the first time. I planned our trip to Tampa driving the I-27 to allow my daughter Paulina to experience real driving. What was interesting it was that Dora and my other daughters started praying… from the bottom of their heart, it was also a pray […]

  • Back to routine

    Today I went to the Gym and worked out for few minutes with a couple of friends and then we went for a cup of coffee to have a little chat. While we where chatting, I felt that I haven’t completed my workout, so after the coffee (And a nice cup of fruit), I walked […]

  • Cheer…. LEADING!

    Two weeks ago, Sol’s teacher told me that my daughter will be dismissed from Cheer Leading, because she was being disruptive, not participative, and was distracting others from doing their routines. My first thought was, “Ok, she don’t liked, I’ll take her out” but then I remembered something I just read on the book of […]