Category: Decisions

  • Comfort Zone

    Last weekend I was able to experience the Flamingo Road Church Internet Campus with my sisters, my son and his mother. Pastor Troy used an example of a half glass of water. Was it half empty or was it half full? How do we see it? How do I see it? Well, I just got […]

  • An Evangelistic experience…

    What are the experiences you’ll always remember? Those you experience the first time. I planned our trip to Tampa driving the I-27 to allow my daughter Paulina to experience real driving. What was interesting it was that Dora and my other daughters started praying… from the bottom of their heart, it was also a pray […]

  • Making decisions:

    Every time we made a decision, we initiate a chain reaction. The Bomb “H” is based on that: a chain reaction, started by a simple proton movement on a hydrogen atom. We barely can imagine how a big massive destruction force started with the most infinitesimal part of an element… or also the same reaction […]