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  • Truth or dare?

    Truth or dare?

    One of the things that is surprising to me today, is the low value that many people assign to their own promises. Teenagers don’t believe their parents, because they never fulfill their promises; Couples say “I’ll stand by you forever” and few months later they walk on the opposite direction; politicians make promises to earn […]

  • 2009 A year of opportunity

    This is me 10 years ago, and now… I was checking some of my old pictures; every one is a memory, a moment in my life… It is good to look to your past, and get some nice memories; it is also good to remember what helped you, on the past, as well as what […]

  • Giving up… or moving forward

    I watched last night the Movie “The Astronaut Farmer”, and it was a good entertaining movie about a Man who wants to reach his dream: To be on the Outer Space for once. One good thing I got from the movie (Beside it was a sweet moment to share with Dora), it was the leadership […]