Category: Baptism

  • At Holywood:

    Today we went to Hollywood beach to have an awesome sunday: To witness the public commitment of near of 300 people who take the step of being baptized… One sweet story, was a family who flew from Chicago, Ill to Florida, just to get baptized. They have been attending the Internet Campus at Flamingo Road […]

  • What a better day to get baptized than Easter?

    Do you think there is a better day than Easter to get Baptized? well, that’s what almost 500 people did this morning at Dania Beach, FL. There are a couple of videos 🙂

  • He lives!

    Today we celebrated Easter, in remembrance of Jesus death and resurrection, after the third day he conquered the grave and because of the Love of God for all of us, he gave us eternal life. We celebrated since early on the morning at Dania Beach baptizing at 7:00 a.m… many peoples lives were changed. I […]

  • Whatever it takes….

    While us where webcasting live, one of the greatest challenges was to keep signal live the most of the time, and to transmit from most of the places. At the beach, I found we had low signal, and I needed an antenna, but also I needed to have mobility with the Camera, Laptop, Tripod, […]