• A Little bit of History… part V

    Sol and Antonio moved from Cozumel to Mexico City. With no place to live, neither resources to buy anything, he found refuge at his mother’s house. With and expectant mother and his child Pepe, he decided to get a car and start his own business as a cab owner/driver. At this point of his life, […]

  • First and Third grade… What happened with second?

    I don’t really remember much about my first year at elementary shool. Besides I was always distracted looking around. While my schoolmates were trying to learn the basics of the alphabet I was fluent in reading and I was doing my first writings… So I was the worst nightmare a teacher can have. By the […]

  • A Little bit of History… part X

    This was a very difficult time for me. I started my fifth grade at Fundación Mier y Pesado, a Catholic School, that you needed to have high recommendations or contacts to be there… well, my mom, always fought at schools for us, and there was never a closed door for her. She was so persistent… […]

  • Oh Dam!

    In our travel to Vegas with the FRC Video-Production-Tech team on our last day we had few free hours that we expended wisely, we visited the Hoover Dam, which is one of the greatest human made structures made between 1931 and 1935 and it is capable to generate more than two thousand megawatts that are […]

  • A you-cannot-miss teaching…

    Watch this Video of Heather Palacios teaching about Today!

  • At least…

    One of my Birthday gift was two Red Lobster cards and I was waiting for the right moment to enjoy my number one favorite food… Maine lobster. So, today after a wedding I was driving back home with my beloved and she told me.. “I’m hungry” and I remember I got the two cards with […]

  • Daddy… I want one…

    These last few days, I had the opportunity to share time with my two little ones, so they are going with me wherever I go, to the office, or any other place I have to. Today I visited another church office and they had some kind of aquarium but instead of fishes, they had Snakes… […]

  • He lives!

    Today we celebrated Easter, in remembrance of Jesus death and resurrection, after the third day he conquered the grave and because of the Love of God for all of us, he gave us eternal life. We celebrated since early on the morning at Dania Beach baptizing at 7:00 a.m… many peoples lives were changed. I […]

  • Few things you cannot undo…

    I’m been editing several graphics for a website, some times I made a mistake and I use the key sequence -Control ‘Z’- it is a short cut for UNDO, and allow you to go back in the time and repair a mistake, or to redo something you don’t liked… it is amazing and allow your […]

  • 8 years ago…

    Eight years ago, I arrived to my friends Alberto’s house with my one day old new born Sol not knowing what the next day would have for me and my family… few days before we made a decision: To walk by faith and to follow God’s call in our lives. On march 11, 2008 we […]