Some of my friends believe I’m a genius, but the truth is that no, I’m not. I’m just persistent; once I have an objective, I refuse to give up, and that is what makes a difference. A friend of mine has this poster on his office and I really like the clearness of the concept, so I got a picture of it and here is it. Why I’m telling you this, because I’m working on a really ambitious new project and I was discussing this venture with my son Alejandro and he reminded me how persistent am I. He inherited that determination and I’m sure he will accomplish whatever goal he set in front. Life is challenging all time, and when you give up you are missing the battle without fighting. One of the rules to reach your God’s potential is being persistent. What do you procrastinate that is holding you to reach your goals? What are you thinking to quit? Don’t quit now… keep on it and you’ll reach your dream.

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