While I was with my son at Merida, we discuss the creativity topic, how to transform something common into something extraordinary. Creativity is not a gift; it is a discipline, and need to be exercised regularly. My pastor, Troy Gramling teach me that once I got a first great idea, we have to not surrender to it, we have to try something better, something different. During the preparation of MyNakedPastor.com series, we expend several hours on the topic of the name of the series. It was almost noon when we started the discussion, and we skip lunch until we concluded with a better idea than the original one.

Some times, because the urgent, we leave or place in hold the important. I found the “Toro” series (Bull) from Picasso… he didn’t give up on the first draw, and by the way, those pencil drafts, worth a fortune. Next time you get a great idea, don’t stop there… go for the really best one! Be Creative!

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