Back to school

Today was the first day at school for all of my princess, also my wife start working as montessory teacher. Yesterday it was the run to be ready for today, Paulina was seeking for the best set to impact others… if this belt is with this shoes and backpack, if the hair… Sarai was checking on her uniform, every one wants to be prepared to impact others.

When I was on Mexico, I was good on writing. I had a newspaper column, I wrote every day, but since I’m in US, I stop writing, and the worst thing, is that it is hard for me to express completely my thinking on a piece of paper, this is why I made a decision today, I enrolled on a English Writing class. I’m not pretending to become a great writer from night to day, but instead, I can learn a little every day. Blogging will become a very important piece of my learning, because I’ll be able to see my improvements from now, so… now I’m also, back to school. Discipline and planning are together and never is too late to start learning something new.

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