Today I went to the Gym and worked out for few minutes with a couple of friends and then we went for a cup of coffee to have a little chat. While we where chatting, I felt that I haven’t completed my workout, so after the coffee (And a nice cup of fruit), I walked back to the Gym, finished my routine and exercised for another 40 minutes. Then I remembered that my daughters had chapel at school, so I drove to the School and I shared some time at chapel with my two little ones, Sol and Sarai. While I was at chapel Mrs. Gory, taught about insecurity and made an example of what means to be insecure: Is like being playing on game and feel that you are not as good as the others.

Some times I’m feel like that… when I’m at the gym and I see others doing more exercise than me, having more weight on the machines, makes me feel insecure, but also I felt my muscles. I have a little of pain all over my body, it means that there are different muscles that are working and growing and developing is a process. Insecurity can be painful, and also a result of lack of discipline.

For the last five weeks I’m not being really constant on my visits to the gym as well as my blogging and my reading. It is time to go back to the order! Because if I’m not consistent, the only thing I will really continue developing will be pain.

Pain is all ways, part of our learning process, but in order to release it, we have to be constant on what we are doing, no matter if is exercise, lecture, study or anything else. Want to reach your potential? First you have to make a decision, and then you have to follow up; finally get a routine and be consistent.

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  1. Do Nascimento !!!

    My favorite part of the post is the Antenna on the little Hamster’s head !! Great work this series bro! Could nt have done it without ya…

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