The clock is always ticking and time goes by… some times looks like our life occurs in a blink, our kids grow, yesterday they were a little kids and then, suddenly they grow… In Mexico we have a tradition that is the “Quince años” celebration. It came from an old practice where the high society families organized a ball in order to introduce on society the girls. With that exposure, a good party and a little bit of good luck, the girls could be engaged and hopefully married. The marriage age was an average of 15-17 years old. With the passing of the years and social revolutions, lower classes took that celebration trying to reproduce the pomp of the high society, with expensive dresses, dancing a traditional waltz, and they included some contemporary dances. Now almost anyone remember the original purpose of that party, and is jus a fun celebration, the marriage age has been raised, and all that traditions keeps is the Waltz Dance, words of the parents, nice dresses, and a mixture of contemporary music. I’m sharing all of this, because the time for my daughter Tania to have a “Quince” party has arrived. I’m traveling to Mexico to share this moment with all the family. I was thinking about the way we can live. I can have a life that just goes on, or I can have an intentional life, doing all the things with a purpose, seeking the potential that I have on all my areas, fighting my dark zones and having a “no regret” life. What way of life would you choose to live? Also… Why do you do what you do? Because is it a tradition? Because you love it? Or Just for fun?

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