To travel from Mexico City to Morelia on the past it was a 8-9 hour trip on a very sinuous two way road, but on the last few years the Mexican Government allowed some companies to build a highway. Result: Mexico-Morelia today, just 3 hours on a very good highway.

I’m explaining all of this, because while I was at my Oacalco House I found a picture of my Uncle Manuel with my mom… My uncle Manuel was a great influence on my childhood, always on good mood, smiling, and a hard worker. He was always a sales man with the gift of relations. On one day he visited some times up to 40 furniture stores. For several years he conquered the first place for sales at CATUSA (Beds and Mattress fabric) and he moved to Morelia many years ago.

So I look at the picture, and I asked my mother in law Chelita, would you join me on a quick trip to Morelia? and she said -yes- immediately, so next day we travel to Morelia to meet my uncle Manuel, my aunt Adriana, my cousins Luis Manuel and Daniela and we shared great time food, jokes and memories. Here are some pictures. Enjoy!

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