Thanks to Martin Luther King, we had today some extra family time, so we went to Makham park to have some delicious Tostadas of Shrimp Ceviche made by my beloved. The girls were running and having fun and we enjoy the time together. We wanted to rent some boat but there was no service there today. We played volleyball, took some pictures and rescued our lost ball from the lake… a lot of fun. There is no more valuable time that the time you expend with your family. It will never be a lost of time. Family is the root, not only of society but also of success. God is my priority number 1, My beloved my number 2, and my family number 3. After that, you can name any other priorities. A strong family is the foundation of any great dream, vision or project.

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  1. yes, Pastor are absolutelly right!!that’s the way to go!11.. you have a beautiful family,enjoy them..BTW grat job @ the meeteng for small groups the other nite.. you are the master in technollogy!!


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