This is where most fairy tales end. The prince and princess marry and ride off into the sunset to begin their new life together as husband and wife, a life full of promise, romance, and above all, love. (Check out Shreck, Sleeping beauty, Snow White and others…) But no one has ever told us how this is supposed to happen, or why it succeeds if it does. How a marriage can be a fairy tale come true, and how to “happily ever after” happens? That is only the beginning…

Today, I went to the Pete and Julie’s wedding… awesome… a dream come true… great service, great sermon by Pastor Garland, a lot of wishes, toasts, music, joy, party and fun… but… that is not and Happy Ending… is just a great beginning.

The Best Man said few words, but the most wise words he mentioned was… “I hope you keep Christ as the center of your marriage, if you do that, I’ll warranty you a happily ever after life”
That’s a true that we have to keep in mind not just at the beginning of our marriage, but also at any season.

What do you do to keep fresh your marriage? How do you keep Jesus as the center of it?

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  1. Wow, my hubbie and I just talked about this over the weekend. To keep Christ at the center we each do our bible studies and learn more of what God says are our roles in marriage as the husband and as the wife. We go to church together, worship and praise together and most of all – pray fervently and daily together.

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